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Sustainable Winemaking: How It Benefits You

Sustainability. It may be a buzzword these days, but at 2Hawk, sustainable winemaking is a sincere commitment. It’s a commitment to being responsible stewards of our distinctive home in the Rogue Valley. It’s a commitment to our neighbors and to our community. Most importantly, it’s a commitment to the future so generations yet to come can enjoy all Southern Oregon has to offer, from stellar views to pristine rapids to world-class wine.

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Vintages: The Difference a Year Makes

Have you ever looked at two seemingly identical bottles of wine with different years printed on the labels and wondered, “What’s the difference?” If so, you’re not alone! Vintage does matter—and not just in terms of how old the wine itself is. The good news is just a little knowledge on the topic of vintages can go a long way toward enhancing your selection and enjoyment of wines.

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2Hawk Vineyard & Winerys Fall 2020 Harvest WrapUp

As the vineyard enters its long slumber until spring, the 2020 vintage is on its way from the vineyard to your glass. This has been a tumultuous year, so it’s little surprise that the 2020 harvest itself was challenging at times. With challenges come opportunities, however, and our hardworking team has risen to the occasion. We’re thrilled about the results of this year’s harvest, and we look forward to sharing our 2020 vintage with you.

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2Hawk Under Fire: Winemaking in the 2020 Wildfire Season

If there has been one constant in 2020, it is that each month brings new challenges. September proved no exception as the catastrophic Almeda Fire took a heavy, heartrending toll on the Rogue Valley, leaving incalculable destruction in its wake. In the aftermath, we’re helping Southern Oregon rebuild, even as we ensure the 2020 vintage stands as a testament to the resilience of the Rogue Valley.

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Do a Barrel Roll: How 2Hawk Chooses & Uses Oak Barrels

As spring approaches, our attention naturally turns to the vineyard, which is preparing to awaken from its winter slumber. In the winery, however, spring brings an additional rush of activity: the selection of new oak barrels, a critical component of properly aging many wine varietals. Choosing the right barrels isn’t a simple matter, though. It’s actually a surprisingly complex task that requires both data gathering and experimentation to make careful, thoughtful decisions.

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What Is Natural Wine”?

If you’ve spent any time browsing wine lists or shopping for wine, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the term “natural wine” at some point. But what exactly is “natural wine”? As a concept, it’s pretty simple—bottle only that which the vineyard produces naturally—but what exactly does that mean, how does that criterion differ from other wines, and how does 2Hawk fit into this category?

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Winter at 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery

With the 2019 harvest completed, the holiday season flurry behind us, and the grapevines gently slumbering in the vineyard, one might be tempted to think life takes on a slower pace at 2Hawk after the new year. In reality, winter at 2Hawk is a change of pace, but it’s anything but slow!

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2Hawk Vineyard & Winerys Fall 2019 Harvest WrapUp

As 2019 winds down, another outstanding vintage has come to a close at 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery. Harvest began on September 20 with Early Muscat and culminated November 5, with Malbec being picked last. The special terroir of the Rogue Valley means every year presents its own unique challenges and opportunities.

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2Hawks 2018 Vintage: The Latest

Nearly a year after harvest, our 2018 vintage wines are each on their own paths to greatness. Several are still aging, some will be ready to enjoy soon, and others are ready to be savored now. Let’s peek in on the status of these wines and explore why we’re especially excited about our 2018 vintage.

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How Is Wine Aged?

Properly aging wine is a critical aspect of winemaking. Without some measure of aging, most wines would be rough around the edges and fall far short of their full potential. Aging wine is a complex enterprise, with different wines requiring different materials, techniques, and lengths of time to arrive at their peak. In this post, we’ll explore how a wine progresses from the end of fermentation to bottling and, at last, enjoyment.

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