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Sustainable Winemaking: How It Benefits You

Sustainability. It may be a buzzword these days, but at 2Hawk, sustainable winemaking is a sincere commitment. It’s a commitment to being responsible stewards of our distinctive home in the Rogue Valley. It’s a commitment to our neighbors and to our community. Most importantly, it’s a commitment to the future so generations yet to come can enjoy all Southern Oregon has to offer, from stellar views to pristine rapids to world-class wine.

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2Hawk Becomes First Winery in Southern Oregon and First Business in Medford to Install Tesla Charging Stations

At 2Hawk, we are always looking to lead the way in sustainable practices and enhance our guests’ experience. Installing three Tesla charging stations does both. I got the idea while making my regular monthly trip back and forth to Coalinga, Calif., where we have 1,000 acres of pistachio nut trees and 400 acres of almonds. Each time, I drive past Harris Ranch, a traveler’s oasis along I-5 in the Central Valley. It’s got an airport, restaurants, hotel and conference center, country store, and gas station complete with Tesla charging stations.

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