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How Does a Winemaker Buy Wine?

Unless you happen to be a highly trained winemaker like 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery’s own Kiley Evans, it might be difficult to buy wine in a store. The array of wines can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know whether it’s more important to pay attention to the price, region, or fancy labels.

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What Are the Sulfites in Wine?

Here in the 2Hawk tasting room, guests often ask whether our wine has sulfites. The answer is all wines have some form of sulfites as they are essential to the winemaking process. Read on if you’d like to learn more about this natural byproduct of wine.

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Can You Taste the Tannins in Wine?

One of the most common questions 2Hawk hears in the tasting room is, “What are tannins?” This week, Kiley Evans, winemaker at 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery, shares how tannins impact the wine, winemaking, and tasting experience of 2Hawk’s red wines. If you want to learn more about the Southern Oregon wine scene and the complexities of wine, this post is for you!

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What Makes the Rogue Valley Perfect for Wine Growing?

Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley is home to optimal vineyards for making distinctive, world-class wines. Thanks to its location on the globe and unusual soils, Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley is a perfect place to grow a rich variety of grapes for wine. Read on to gain an inside perspective into the growing region, the winemaking process, and why 2Hawk Vineyard and Winery loves the Rogue Valley for its unique grape-growing characteristics.

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Putting the Best Wines in the Bottle

The pursuit of excellence drives our work at 2Hawk. In the winery this time of year, we’re focused on bottling. That means finishing our early-to-bottle white wines from the previous vintage—in this case, 2017—our middle-length barrel-aged reds from 2016, and our final red from 2015. The red wines were blended and returned to barrel over a year ago, so the aromas and flavors have integrated. They are ready for bottling.

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Ramping up Production at the 2Hawk Winery

Harvest and crush—it’s an end and a beginning all rolled into one. It’s the end to the growing season and the beginning of production of this year’s vintage of wine. This autumn, there are smiles all around thanks to increased quantity and superb quality.

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Bringing out Our Best: 2Hawk Hosts Wine Writers

2Hawk Vineyard & Winery recently had the honor of hosting four wine writers on a tour of Oregon wineries in Portland, Willamette Valley, and Southern Oregon. Arranged by the Oregon Wine Board (OWB), the tour concluded on August 1 with a dinner hosted by 2Hawk. We were joined by our talented colleagues and friends Ruth Garvin, Cliff Creek Cellars; Earl and Hilda Jones, Abacela; and Dyson Demara, Hillcrest Vineyard.

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Wine Tasting with the 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery Staff

A couple times a year, the 2Hawk team visits other local wineries so we can taste other wines and experience the range of hospitality available across southern Oregon. It gives us a sense of what’s going on in the local industry and shows us other places we can recommend our guests visit. Cloudy and cool weather greeted us this summer as we started our outing for a day of wine tasting, food, and fun.

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2Hawk Praised in Oregon Wine Press

Wow, here’s another great article on our new winery and our steps toward making 2Hawk a world-class winery! We love that this February 2017 issue of the Oregon Wine Press will be all over the upcoming Oregon Wine Symposium. I’ll be on a panel at the Symposium talking about how our tasting room matches our brand. Stay tuned for more on that!

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