2Hawk Becomes First Winery in Southern Oregon and First Business in Medford to Install Tesla Charging Stations

by Ross Allen, Owner

At 2Hawk, we are always looking to lead the way in sustainable practices and enhance our guests’ experience. Installing three Tesla charging stations does both.

I got the idea while making my regular monthly trip back and forth to Coalinga, Calif., where we have 1,000 acres of pistachio nut trees and 400 acres of almonds. Each time, I drive past Harris Ranch, a traveler’s oasis along I-5 in the Central Valley. It’s got an airport, restaurants, hotel and conference center, country store, and gas station complete with Tesla charging stations.

I thought, why not put some charging stations at 2Hawk? We’re right off I-5 and midway between San Francisco and Portland. Our location would be a logical place for Tesla drivers to stop in and charge up—all the while enjoying our beautiful grounds and tasting room, award-winning wine, and delicious food pairings.

When I approached Tesla about the idea, they were all in! In no time, they had shipped us the stations, and all we had to do was have an electrician hook them up. They told me, “You’re the first station in your area, and we want to work with you.” They provided all the equipment for free. All we have to think about is maintenance, which we are glad to do, and pay for the electricity.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that three of our wine club members drive Teslas. They are excited about our new charging stations and noted that these are the only charging stations between Shasta City, Calif., and Grants Pass, Ore. Tesla drivers are equipped with digital lists of charging stations, so we won’t have to advertise on a freeway billboard to direct traffic this way. The charging station list is built into Tesla’s navigation system to let drivers know the nearest stations as they travel.

The Tesla charging stations not only give drivers a place to charge their cars but also introduce new folks to 2Hawk.

For more details, see the press coverage on the chargers here.

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